Sophia Abernathy

First Appearance "Indiana Drayn and the Candy Factory" (Flashback)

Last Appearance "Pipe Dream" (Flashback)

Status Deceased (Killed from Stygian Sickness

Classification Human / Queen

Affiliation House Abernathy

House Alistaire

Known Relatives

Abel Abernathy (husband)

Vander Abernathy (son)

Dayo Abernathy (son)

Greyflow Abernathy (son)

Garren Abernathy (son)

Margen Abernathy (son)

Bin Abernathy (son)

Pennet Abernathy (son)

Brasco Abernathy (son)

Kimble Abernathy (son)

Grayson Abernathy (son)

Vaness Abernathy (daughter)